Technology Plays Big Role With New Home Buyers

Given that more Canadians own their homes today that at any other time in our nation’s history, it’s fair to say that home ownership has become one of our country’s primary cultural values. 
Chances are you’ve spent the occasional Sunday mesmerized by a real estate program or two, and even if you don’t keep up on the latest home trends, you’re probably familiar with the importance of location, kitchens, and bathrooms to property values.
Increasingly though, today’s homebuyers’ must-haves extend well beyond shiny fixtures and faucets. Recognizing that many young homebuyers have never known a world without technology – personal computers and the Internet have been mainstays since they were children – they expect that technology should be fully integrated not only into the home buying process but also into their homes.

Sorry To Burst Your Bubble, Our Housing Market Is Fine

Housing bubble headlines have once again become prevalent in the media, as home prices continue to climb in Canada and new reports weigh in with alarming findings. In some cases, experts predict home prices could fall as far as 50 per cent when said bubble pops. And, while Canada’s own Finance Minister Joe Oliver refuses to buy into bubble claims, even bigger authorities such as the International Monetary Fund have fueled fears stating our housing market is overheated by 10 per cent. This is frightening news for homeowners who have been sitting comfortably on their real estate investments, assuming their value will continue to rise. If you own real estate or are in the market to buy a home, there a few specifics to be aware of. However, I disagree that we are facing housing bubble – here’s why.


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