Stephen Harper's Stance On Affordable Housing

What else but bizarre would you call Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s re-election promise to spend a half a million dollars of taxpayers’ money to collect data on foreign ownership of our real estate market to ensure that the purchase of homes by foreign, non-resident investors doesn’t affect the “availability and affordability of homes for Canadians”?

As if the government couldn’t readily obtain such data from the Canada Revenue Agency’s tax records of foreign buyers. Better yet, Mr. Harper’s policy advisers could call major Canadian real estate brokers, such as B.C.’s Macdonald Realty Ltd. Managers there would tell him that buyers from mainland China accounted for 70 per cent of their sales of property priced over $3-million.

Let's Face It: Selling Your Home Is Emotional

Whether buying is harder than selling, or vice versa, is very subjective.

But if you’ve already dipped your toe into the real estate market to purchase a home, you already have some understanding of what is involved in a real estate transaction.

However, selling your home is quite different from buying and can be an emotional experience as you say goodbye to a place you have called home, especially if you have many good memories there. Therefore, there are some things you need to know to ensure that your interests are protected and your emotions don’t impede your decision-making.

First, selling a home relies heavily on marketing and exposure, and this takes some concerted effort. 


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Broker, RE/MAX Ultimate